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5 Simple Small Garden Ideas

A small garden space doesn't mean you can't have the garden you want. Here are our favourite ideas for small garden ideas, including small patio garden ideas, to help you maximize your space!

Turn a tiny patio into a gorgeous outdoor room by adding a freestanding pergola. Here, a small wooden pergola was constructed over a gravel patio and enhanced with a teak seating arrangement. The pergola creates a sense of enclosure and makes the patio seem a lot larger than it actually is.

Crushed brick or gravel is a beautiful and low-maintenance paving option for small gardens. It's also easier to use and less expensive than brick or flagstone. Just be sure to spread a layer of landscape fabric underneath the gravel to keep weeds from popping through. On this Hout Bay hillside, the gravel also allows rainfall to percolate through to the soil instead of running off down the hillside.


If floor space is tight, blank walls present ample oppor…

Top Four Tips For Purchasing Property In An Estate

The South African estate community has historically been a relatively small and exclusive component of the residential property sector. This, however, is in the process of changing as property data shows that roughly R15 billion worth of estate properties are traded each quarter. The recent surge of activity in the market, especially in the Western Cape, has highlighted the need for more knowledge and awareness amongst prospective buyers of what to look out for when making such a purchase.

At Mzuri we believe that it is essential for prospective buyers to do thorough research on aspects such as the surrounding areas, security and lifestyle amenities, and the property’s potential investment return. These are our top four tips on what to consider when purchasing property in an estate:
Is the estate situated in a desirable area? Location remains one of the most crucial considerations when buying a property. However, what is important regarding location will often vary from buyer to buyer. …