The Biggest Interior Design Trends For 2018

After all of the different trends we have seen throughout the years, from Scandinavian design to industrial or Boho, at Mzuri we think 2018 will be the year in which sustainable and minimal design will be at the forefront of interior design.

Sustainable design means continuity in space and time. Sustainability is also a synonym for security, safety, and comfort.

In architecture, as in interior design and furnishing, elegance and robustness will be at the forefront. Bronze, concrete, marble and massive wood will be unavoidable.  This may seem a bit austere, but interior design trends for furnishing and chromatic palettes are also going to be ultra-punchy and audacious.

Here are some of our favourite design trends, we hope that you enjoy planning for your new Mzuri home!


Material Matters

Mixed materials continue their domination in 2018. Floors, ceilings, and surface areas adorned with interesting materials, tiles, and patterns will create an eye-catching focal point. Designers will play with strategically placed tiles mixing them into other patterns to create an unconventional statement

Rugs as art


Area rugs will be the go-to trend for homeowners looking to make a rapid impact. A mix of size, colour, style, and texture creates endless possibilities to complement an existing room or make a complete transformation. From floors to walls, rugs become art with rooms being built around them rather than on top of them.

Urban Retreat


In an age where homes are smaller and lives busier, the city retreat becomes more important than ever. As an extension of the living area, creating an outdoor urban oasis will be the perfect addition to any home or condominium. In 2018 expect to see mixed materials work their way into outdoor spaces.

Classics Revisited


Old will meet new in 2018, as we witness traditional furniture structures reimagined with a modern edge. New materials, colours, and textures will revamp even the most dated of styles for a playful and referential approach to design.

Innovative Lighting


Experts are shining a spotlight on lighting as the true showstopper for commercial and residential spaces. This isn’t just a fresh interpretation of shape, it’s also the incorporation of interesting technology from LED and beyond that make this trend new and innovative.

Kitchens and Baths


Stylish kitchens and bathrooms will never go out of style. Year after year these rooms act as a perfect "splurge" for homeowners looking to renovate. With the introduction of wood paneling and technology, a fusion of classic design with modern sensibilities will be popular this year.



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